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Just in case
there must be a lid-less ink pen inside, preferably black or blue
I hope it won’t leak and ruin the logo printed lining
Multiple used chapsticks because
a girl needs... [+]

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Finally! The school bell rang and the hallways were filled with my classmates. Their frowns and straight faces transformed into smiles. I had two options: stay at school longer with my friends or ... [+]

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It was Wednesday. Wednesday meant I was able to walk home to my friend’s house after school and then my parents would pick me up later. This was always a big deal for me since we were trying out... [+]

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The sun didn’t shine on Marianne’s last day. In fact, it looked like rain. And so, she donned her blue rain coat with the yellow polka dots and carried her bright red umbrella, just in case, ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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I was watching Isabella and her cousin Mathew, as they were playing outside. Mathew was swinging on the swing set and Isabella was running through the soft, green grass, chasing after some ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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Your mother died. What grandma?! They brought her back. What happened grandma?
She had a heart attack, but they brought her back. Is she okay grandma? No, she’s brain dead. What does that ... [+]

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Back when I lived in the woods, I knew it was springtime when the swimming pool flooded. In a questionable decision of engineering, it was inground and sat right at the confluence of two streams ... [+]

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There is a pain in me that speaks before it is told
It robs me of my self-control
It pushes me to the floor, strips me bare
And has the audacity to ask me for more
Of the many ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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With her toes in the lake near the wooden cabin she hadn’t seen in twenty years, Courtney begged her father to not go overboard this time. The boy that used to live near the lake drove by in a ... [+]

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PSU The other side