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The Man of the Cave. Silent. Peaceful. Empty. He wasn’t always of the Cave. He lived a joyous, youthful existence. Slowly, he became hardened by the toils of life, like the Cave. Once outwardly ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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In the dark room, Edward couldn’t stop focusing on the sound of whistling wind. He was sitting near the drawing table and sadness occupied his soul. He was remembering the Monday morning at ... [+]

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It was a warm summer afternoon in the town of Port Clinton. Emma and Brooke decided they wanted to ride their bikes around town. They did this every day, about five times a day, so riding in the ... [+]

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Just in case
there must be a lid-less ink pen inside, preferably black or blue
I hope it won’t leak and ruin the logo printed lining
Multiple used chapsticks because
a girl needs... [+]