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There was a happy family that lived on the small island of Martinique in the French West Indies. The family consisted of 5 sons and their parents, and they were living in a simple house in a ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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Shades of peach and orange peak through the blinds as the sun makes it way up to the sky. The birds are whistling and making their way through the morning. You can hear their whistle matches up ... [+]

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One day I was at home and my mom handed me $20 and told Taylor and I to go and get some food for whatever we could. So Taylor and myself packed up our stuff made our way down the sidewalk to the ... [+]

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I wasn't use to walking in this part of town, sure school was down the road, but mom said it was a sketchy part of town. She said that about everywhere we went and how I should never be alone, but... [+]