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I wasn't use to walking in this part of town, sure school was down the road, but mom said it was a sketchy part of town. She said that about everywhere we went and how I should never be alone, but always with her. I was in this part of town because the street got closed off and the sign said to take a left, but I haven't learned my left and rights. I think I took a wrong turn, because when I turned around no one was behind and all I could see was the snow blowing across the street. I heard the traffic below me and I knew I was over the bridge where cars were swerving underneath me trying to make it to safety. The snow was getting awful and I knew I had to get inside a building, but I had no idea where I could trust going into. I started running and took a bad slip right in front of a corner grocery store. My leg hurt to much to keep going, so I decided to take a chance and went into the store where I was taken aback by the smell of home cooked Spanish foods. I only got to eat Spanish food when I went to my friends house, because my mom could not cook it and she never bought it.
The first person who saw me was the cashier, she looked as though she was in college working part time. I hoped to make it to college, but my mother always said it was not a place for me. The cashier must have seen the fear in my eyes for she asked what was wrong. I told her how I had just gotten out of school and took a wrong turn and got lost in the snow storm. The cashier looked at with me with empathy in her eyes as though she had been lost before. She gave me a food called, empanada, while she called my mother. I offered to pay her but she laughed and told me I did not have to as long as I repaid the favor to someone else when I got the chance. As she called my mother I walked around the grocery store and was able to see so much Spanish culture that my mother had hid from me. She always said “the unknown is what will get you one day”, but maybe it is when we leave so much unknown that it gets us. Never let fear hide the world, for I never would have learned about empanadas and the kindness people have if I never took that wrong turn.


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