Transcendental Love

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Jury Selection

I stood there in the pantry
My hands lightly carrying her hips
I could feel them start shaking
So I slowly loosened my grip

I was scared she would notice
But I wanted this to be something she would remember
So I decided to hold her even closer
On a Saturday night in mid-December

I could feel my skin being bathed in love
Her gaze was so enthralling, yet it was so simple
In that moment, I knew right away
This was a love from someone who I wanted to learn my every last wrinkle

I remember almost crying
From the little wrinkles around my eyes that she loved so much
Her energy was so real and it connected with mine
When I felt the otherworldly love in her first touch

Not long after that night
My heart proudly told me it loved her
My heart never used to talk to me
But it told me “I love you” was something that I couldn’t just whisper

As time went on, fear began to silence my heart
It told me my heart had to retreat
And when I called out to it, it didn’t answer
I didn’t hear a sound, not a single beat

Fear took me over
I desperately searched for my soul
And that’s when I realized
My heart was nothing but scorched coal

Endless nights
Is this really who I’ve become?
“I don’t really care”
I said to myself as I took another sip of rum

But my heart cared so much
And when it was time for me to go away
My heart finally broke through
And the fear began to rapidly decay

“Can I ask you something?”
It played your voice in my head
“Do you think we’re soulmates?”
You asked me while we were laying in your bed

Who knows exactly how I responded
When the world felt like just us two
But my heart has an answer right now
And it wants to speak to you:

“Dear S,
I’ve been trying to get my voice heard for the past year
He loves you so much, and he’s sorry
Fear prevented me from saying what he really wanted you to hear

He doesn’t want to lose his soulmate
The girl that used to make his hands gently shake
The girl who showed him how to love in such a dark world
The girl that always chooses love over hate

So many days have come and gone
And each one of those days, I’ve reminded him why he loves you so much
Now we’re both stronger than fear
Now he can feel the true love in your touch

I was talking to your heart the other day
And it told me you don’t want to forgive
But maybe, just maybe, this’ll show it
Who he really is, and all the love that still lives”

I stood there in the pantry
My hands lightly carrying her hips
I could feel them start shaking
So I slowly leaned in and kissed her lips

I never understood what patient love truly meant
But you and your heart taught me a lot, and now I understand
I will wait for you, S
Until my glass runs out of sand.


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Image of John Roche
John Roche · ago
Terrific imagery. Concise and powerful.
Image of Auntie
Auntie · ago
So very proud!! You will definitely go places in life! Xo
Image of Deborah Fusco-Amjadi
Deborah Fusco-Amjadi · ago
Image of Jane McCarthy
Jane McCarthy · ago
love IT!
Image of Aliyah
Aliyah · ago
Awesome work!! I’m so proud of you!!
Image of Maryann Seip
Maryann Seip · ago
Image of Tom DeLucia
Tom DeLucia · ago
Nice work Michael!!
Image of Kristy Leggiadro Vanacore
Kristy Leggiadro Vanacore · ago
Michael is a truly gifted artist who makes a strong impact on the world through his stories.
Image of Patricia DeLucia Switzer
Patricia DeLucia Switzer · ago
Absolutely beautiful writing Michael!