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In the dark room, Edward couldn’t stop focusing on the sound of whistling wind. He was sitting near the drawing table and sadness occupied his soul. He was remembering the Monday morning at primary school when he attended the first day of the semester for fifth grade. His first class was art. Although Edward had never taken art classes before fifth grade, he would soon learn that he was quite talented
“Class is starting, all of you take a seat, please,” Ms. Mary, the teacher, said.
She gave them paper and pencils. Then she said that everyone should draw something from their minds. It took Edward awhile to think of anything. After a while, though, he put his pencil to the paper and got pulled into trying to make the paper match what he could see in his head. When he finished, Ms. Mary came over and said, “Wow, you did incredible work. You are very talented. Indeed.”
Then she said to him, “You should bring your work tomorrow to show the director.”
The next day, he brought his work with him to school. He showed the director the first page of his work. On the paper, there were huge mountains with beautiful, flowing waterfalls, and a small boat sitting in the river. The director was surprised and he recommended that the teacher apprentice him. Ms. Mary started supporting his talent by taking him with her to art galleries. He received many certificates of appreciation and over the next couple of years. After several years of support, his teacher said it was time to work by himself to grow his talent and become known to the world.
After graduation, Edward began soliciting galleries to display his work, hoping to become famous; he believed fame was the only way to be a successful artist. One of his favorite pieces of work depicted huge mountains and beautiful jungle animals walking near a flowing river, with birds flying in the blue sky. When he stared at this piece of art, he could get lost in the image and his mind would rest. Edward wanted for others to feel the same peace when they saw his work. After registering in the Global Gallery of Art, which is one of the most famous galleries in the USA, Edward felt great anticipation about presenting in the gallery. He dialed his parents to tell them the news. “Mom... Dad, I will put my work, the mountain with jungle animals, in the one of the greatest galleries in the USA. Do you recognize this scene from near our house?!”
They told him how proud they were and that they for some pictures from the gallery. It was a colossal gallery with fancy towers in San Diego, where he now lived. After his parents looked at the picture, they encouraged him to keep following his passion.
When Edward arrived to the gallery on opening day, there were many TV channels trying to take videos and pictures of famous artists. He was stunned because he had never thought that he would meet such famous artists. He entered the vast, arched front entrance, and he was so amazed by the luxurious design of the gallery. He stood up near his picture, beaming and waiting for those who were interested in his work to surround him.
After a while, he realized that he was not attracting the same level of attention as the other more well-known artist. His happiness turned quickly to self-doubt and emptiness. He started to wonder what the others had done to receive so much attention. He tried to walk through the center aisle to look at the other pictures, but he struggled to get through the crowd. Eventually, he caught a glimpse of a picture through the spectators. Edward was shocked by what he saw. The picture was just with blotches of different, random colors. He couldn’t believe it. Why did people love that piece so much? That evening, Edward told his parent about the frustrating experience.
His mother told him that every journey has its own stumbling blocks; also, she advised him that he should not be afraid to experiment with other styles of art. His mother’s speech gave him motivation to continue trying his hand art becoming known for his art. For almost 4 years from that day, he struggled to find out exactly who he was as an emerging artist.
However, one day, his life changed in a way that nobody had expected.
Before we learn what happened, though, let us first look back to the dark room where we found Edward at the beginning of this story.
In the dark room, Edward couldn’t stop focusing on the sound of whistling. He was sitting near the drawing table and sadness occupied his soul because he felt he was wasting his time trying to be a famous. When he was thinking about first Monday morning at primary school, he heard a whispering voice near the door, repeating his name, “Edward... Edward.”
He jumped up from the table, feeling confused and afraid. “Who’s here?” Edward asked, with a trembling voice.
“Don’t be scared,” whispered a voice.
“Oh, Dad... stop, I know who you are... Okay, you got me,” Edward said.
Then the unfamiliar voice started laughing and came closer to Edward. A blue light appeared around him and his fear became visible on every feature of his face. The light began to grow more intense until something appeared; it was a ghost with blue skin and a huge, flowing body!
Edward was frozen in fear.
“I am a ghost from another world. Don’t be alarmed,” the ghost said.
Edward stammered and asked, “Are you real?!... look... like... Genie in Aladdin!”
The ghost laughed and told him that he liked the name.
Edward asked Genie,” Where is your world? What do you want?”
Genie answered him by saying, “Actually, as you are an artist, I have come to take you to my world.”
Edward said,” I don’t understand, why me? What did I do?”
“Well, our world is a special place for artists who like drawing, painting, or any type of art,” Genie explained to him.
Edward didn’t believe him, and he told Genie that he needed proof. Genie clapped his hands quickly, and Edward felt a sudden dizziness. Then he fell to the ground.
The dark was everywhere and silence pervaded. Edward felt like he was entirely lost and without form. After few moments, he felt pulled into small area of light. Then, the light faded and he saw people sitting on a sunny hill, laughing while using their pencils to invent all kinds of magical drawings. He also saw people with brushes for oil painting, who were on their way to the galleries. To his left, he observed others who were working with digital arts. Genie told him how the artists were living in harmony with each other and their art. Everyone felt at peace with their own process and journey.
Edward then understood that he needed to join them, so he began drawing and learning from the other artists and their mediums. He gained a deep appreciation for many art styles. He even learned about modern art and portrait drawing.
Edward stayed there for about one year, but the time in the real world didn’t change. Genie said to Edward, “Edward, it is time to go back... and I would like you to apply your new knowledge to your real life.” Edward began to think about the ghost’s words. Immediately thereafter, Genie clapped his hands again.
In the morning, the beautiful songs of birds woke Edward up. Upon waking, Edward called his parents and told them that he desired to draw a huge picture about where artists live; it would include artists working together in harmony His father said, “I love that idea, but don’t go after the fame this time. One day fame may come to you. And if not, you will have another calling,” his father said.
Edward worked hard on his new idea for the next four months, and he registered again at Global Gallery of Art; this time he really felt prepared for it. Finally, the day came.
The environment in the GGA gallery was as luxurious as usual. Edward felt peace as he went into the gallery. He stood beside his huge picture and waited for visitors. But just as the first time in the gallery, the spotlight was focused on the more established artists. In that moment, he fully realized that fame in art was not meant for him. After a while, Genie showed up again. “It’s good to see you again. I hope you got the lesson,” Genie said.
“Yes, I think that I realized I don’t have the chance to be famous in my world,” he said.
The ghost responded, “You misunderstood. You think that a great artist is a famous artist, but actually, fame is not the goal.”
Edward took the lesson seriously and began to find more and more joy and peace in the processes, rather than the outcomes in life.


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