Summers Day

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Shades of peach and orange peak through the blinds as the sun makes it way up to the sky. The birds are whistling and making their way through the morning. You can hear their whistle matches up with one another as if they are creating a song. I arose from my thin, yet soft sheets and made my way down the stairs. As I make my way down, I see the bright blue sky through the large glass front door. Someone’s already been here. One...., two...... three......clouds moving Everly so calm and slowly as if the world has stopped for a minute. My feet hit the cold wood floors, I look down and see the bright sunlight cover my feet. As I enter the kitchen, I see the freshly brown painted cabinets as the smell still lingers in the air. An open window above the sinks allows a fresh breeze pushes my hair back. I see someone is outside already.
One-foot crosses over the hump of the doors entrance. Instantly, I the temperature difference hits my skin all at once. My sweat glands take over and now I know its summer. My resemblance is already in her own world. Coffee in hand and newspaper in the other. She says go get ready, I’ll be finished in five. My speed increases as I run through the door and up the stairs. I don’t want to waste a minute. I jump into gear and retrace my steps. I lung past the freshly redone kitchen and out the back door to the view of my entire day. My towel is already there and all I need to worry about is sunscreen.
As I put it on, I look around. The light crystal blue water flows gently with the steadily breeze. The green and brown leaves sway in the background and hear them ruffling as they make their way to the ever so green grass. So green not an ounce of brown gives sight. My sister heading to the lounge chair as she chooses her favorite one. Each chair, blue, purple, pink, orange. Resemble the member of the family. To the left is a swing set that gives off a flashback of memories. My sister and I much younger, taking turns going down the dark red slide. Counting how long we can hold on to the monkey bars. Our knees hit the sharp ground of the woodchips. We can’t help but laugh as we let our imagination go wild. The voice of my mom brings me to back reality. Let’s go she says. One jump, two jump and now it’s my turn. I take the risk and leap into the clear blue summer water. My body hurts a comfort warm first. Slowly, the toe-curling polar water hurts my lower half. The three of us head up to the surface and carry on about the chilly water.
The children down below, yelling and giggling as they ride their bikes up and down the hill, racing each other for the highest score. I place my head below the water and open my eyes enough to see what’s going on around me. I only have a minute minutes before the chlorine gets to my eyes. The residue of leaves bottom and pebbles move quickly with the current of the constant movement along the light blue concrete. The day is done as quick as it got started. The sun begins to fade as the darkness creeps up on us. The warm air turns to a chill as a short sleeve shirt is not enough to keep warm. Chairs begin to be refolded and pool activities put away. As we put everything away and hope the next is another great day.


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