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Jury Selection

I had known her ever since I could remember. She and I went everywhere together. We liked the same things and even shared the same favorite color. We were nearly identical in every way. But it had been nearly a year now since I last saw her: my best friend and sole mate.

It happened when we took a trip away from home, a trip that was very different from the other kinds of trips we routinely took together. Our basket touched down, and dropped us off at a large and deep cave.

We went in together, just like we always did.

Suddenly the cave entrance closed. Water started to rise from the cave floor. I desperately tried to hang on to her as she desperately tried to hold onto me, but we were torn apart.

When I woke up the cave was warm, the water was gone, and so was she.

The basket returned to collect us and I was forced to leave without her. Hours later, the others who were in the basket and I were unloaded. The others went home but I couldn't, not without her.

I tried to move on. I lived with other singles, and I tried to become a happy pair with one of them; it’s what she would have wanted for me. However, each outing since then wasn't the same, nor could they ever compare to my adventures with her. Frustration grew and my sole was beginning to wear thin. I wouldn't have had to endure this discomfort if only she was still with me.

After a particularly long outing with ‘not her' I returned home covered in sweat and speckled with dirt. I was tired of it all. The basket came once again to collect us. The sight of it made my anger boil. I threw myself inside, not caring what else it may take from me. It brought me back to the same place; that same metal cave that I had lost her. I went inside, by myself, and let the cave water engulf me once again.

I woke up, but in a different place. This time I was below the cave, almost under it. There I was, lying still with little will to move, when I heard a shout echoing from a distance. I picked up my head and looked around confused until my gaze landed on a familiar shape; it was her! There she was tucked away in the far corner beneath this cave.

I ran to her and tackled her with my embrace. Together we cried tears of joy and relief. We felt utterly pure happiness.The kind of emotion you could not have known unless you had first lost.

I took her and lead her out from under the cave. We were loaded into the basket together and carried away.

Finally we were together and at last we could go home. We were once again a matching pair. Left and right sock reunited. We bundled ourselves together, our cotton pattern mirroring each other. We could finally rest together snuggled into our spot in the sock drawer.


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