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Tell me, when you were born, did you go towards the light? Tell me. Were you held in a cradle of warmth? Did the music tell you it was going to be okay? Yes?

Let me tell you a story. Sila. That’s her name. Sila, master of her own name for she baptized herself as such. Sila. Born in the dark. Sila with no light, no music, no warmth. Sila whose family were the whispers of the earth. Sila...

Perhaps you understand. Or not. Probably not. How can you? I am Sila. Not you. Sila. I was not afraid. How could I be? I didn’t know anything else.

Time is...timeless. At least it was back then. Of course, back then things just were. This, this all came later. It’s funny. The earth was comforting yet it constrained me. And yet again it invited me. I was there and it called. Sometimes I still hear it. Sila. Sila. Sila. I pushed and new worlds opened. Small ones yes, yet worlds. Every passage; every world gave me strength, so I continued until darkness was no more.

Mother! Beautiful! A queen, high and proud above. Her unyielding song, antidote to darkness. Begone she commanded to the dark. And under her unrelenting song it fled.

Mother. She opened a new world bigger and grander than any I had ever even dreamed of creating. Her vision was endless and the reality revealed was true and pure. It was Mother who first showed me light. She showed me I was not alone. It was because of her that my old pride faded away with the new promise of kin. Alive, as I am, they stand next to me. She is open to me. He gazes to tomorrow.

“Sila, this is my name.” I said.

They are silent. Always. Their names unknown; yet their bodies entrust me with their secrets. In them I see the tale of the past written as clear as Mothers’ light.

Conceived by love there were four. Two brothers and two sisters on the edge of the world held a watchful eye on all those who dwelt below. From above they saw birth, death and rebirth. They saw happiness and misery. They saw the giants of many limbs live and stand for countless ages and in perfect opposition the small ones eagerly ran, lived and died. A world in harmonious song lasted undisturbed. Yet, it was not endless. A shadow below sang its disturbing song to the creatures of above till they shrieked and cried for Mothers’ faithful light. The Siblings, kin to the creatures below spoke until the darkness fell.

Mirinhiriath, corrupted and rotten, perceiving the Siblings speech above awoke from his ancient slumber in fury. Sensing the darkness denied into the world he ascended to the edge of the world. At last, on the edge of the world stood the Siblings. Four unrelenting pedestals before Mirinhiriath held in defense of their kin. Together they spoke to the land and with the call of their words the edge of the world trembled. But Mirinhiriath did not stir. In a union of voice, they spoke again commanding the rotten one below. Yet again Mirinhiriath did not move. In one fell note Mirinhiriath unleashed his voice to the very cores of the Siblings. Decayed, two Siblings broke and fell from the world to the void. Sensing the rot decay their bodies the last two siblings gave up their voices to call upon Mothers’ light and banish Mirinhiriath.

Four siblings born of love stood watch on the edge of the world above. Now cursed two remain. Silent.

This is what I read. Their bodies speak no lies. They can’t. The decay declares the truth absolute. The pain in their souls seeps into mine. My voice sings the sorrows they cannot.

Sila. Is the gift of my own naming nothing but the first step in the path of my own undoing? Is Sila just the next in the list of names that is sentenced to remain unspoken? I’m afraid of the stories brought to me by Mother’s light. I’m afraid I can see. I’m afraid I can speak. I’m afraid I can read.

I see my fate. I am Sila born in the dark, redeemed in my Mothers’ light, reader of stories and enchantress in song. I am Sila bound to die.


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