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Jury Selection

Your eyes held the crisp rays
of the summer sunshine.
The freedom to roam aimlessly.
The late night drives so we could
just feel the warm air on our skin.
The sky, clear and the stars, bright.
The hot sand burned our feet and
chilled wine coolers fueled our laughs.

Your eyes captured the autumn leaves.
They trapped the chilling breeze and
aromas of pumpkin spice.
Swirled with apples and cinnamon.
The cheers of the wild fans began to
fade as football season drew to an end.
Carved jack-o-lanterns began to rot as
their smiles sat droopy on your front porch.

Your eyes froze over when winter came.
They no longer filled mine with warmth
and were an empty void of chills.
I sat alone on our park bench.
I picked the frozen icicles off one by one.
They shattered on the black asphalt
and crunched under my frostbitten feet.
Where are you now, my mind trailed off.
The red ornament tumbled to the ground
falling from the dying branch of our Christmas tree.

Your eyes watched the budding flowers in
your mother’s flower garden.
While mine planted new flowers.
With each may shower washing away
the distant memories of you, of us.
Rejuvenated and revived, at last.
Thoughts of you hindered, it left space
for the sounds of chirping baby birds.
I found new meaning in old values.
Creativity sparked my passion and drive
for the unique life I dreamt of as a child.
Without your eyes I could see spring.


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