Searching the Wilderness

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Jury Selection

Cramped in the back of a white Chevy van,
We stood for hours like cargo.
Clanking chains marked all the checkpoints,
We held our breath and prayed.
Stillness sunk in when the engine cut,
And we saw the Chihuahuan desert.

The driver pointed to a distant peak,
We walked with all that we owned.
Everything else was forever lost.
Tios, primos, even my perro,
Snuffed out by the local cartel.

Sand snuck into my socks,
Sweat rolled into my eyes,
Silence surrounded us,
Stars stood to watch.

Mamá stopped and gave me her water,
She brushed the hair from my face,
And warmed my heart with her smile.

Sudden lights cleared the darkness,
Roaring trucks rushed toward us.

What happens to me when they find us like this?


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