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The night was damp,
The residents were asleep,
All except one boy,
Who down the stairs had to creep.

The clock struck eleven,
He was supposed to be in bed,
But what he really wanted most,
Was to make sure the beast was dead.

The creature was vile,
His gaze pierced mortal souls,
His teeth were razor sharp,
And his breath had the scent of moldy toes.

The boy crept to the fireplace, And grabbed a lengthy iron poker, The point was quite blunt,
But was better than mediocre.

Now back up the stairs, The small child went, But he had to be quick, So he hurried his ascent.

The final trial was near,
But he had first to pass the witch,
She was in her lair,
And she would most definitely snitch.

He got down on all fours,
Imitating the beast,
For the monster was crafty,
And he had to outperform it, at least.
Now past the witch’s lair,
The boy was ready to fight, All he needed was the courage, And a large amount of might.

The demon was there,
Still dreaming and snoring, “This is the time,” he thought, To murder before morning.

Hovering over the creature,
So vile and atrocious,
He raised the metal poker,
And his expression was ferocious.

The youngster was shaking,
He never thought he would make it this far, The entire situation was new to him,
It was quite bizarre.

Enough distractions,
It was time to duel,
The deed had to be done, No matter how cruel.

For years the creature had tormented his every day,
There was never a time where the demon wasn’t in the way, You couldn’t avoid him, the beast was large, tall, and gray, Always interrupting for food, when all the boy wanted was play, At night the boy would wish for the creature’s death, Sometimes he would even pray.

With the clock approaching twelve, The boy was running out of time,
So he thrust the poker into the skull, And the creature let out a small whine.

The vicious eyes opened, On the four-legged fiend,
The world never felt so pure, The air, so quarantined.

The thick blood started oozing,
The fur was tainted red,
The boy had done it,
The beast was, in fact, stone-cold and dead.

He triumphed and shouted,
He let out a large whoop!
But the witch heard everything, And of course she had to snoop.

The boy panicked,
“This was not part of the plan!” There was only one option, And the boy got up and ran.

“I must stop her!”
“She must not wake the others!”
“The witch cannot remain alive!”
“And she must certainly not tell mother!”

The boy however,
Had a secondary aim,
He pulled out a dagger,
And plotted to maul the big game.

For years the witch had tormented his every day,
There was never a time where she wasn’t in the way,
You couldn’t avoid her, her worst attributes too terrible to convey, She wouldn’t make it out alive,
He would not pass up this chance to slay.

She was cornered,
He was primed,
This wasn’t his first stabbing,
But this strike would have to be well timed.
“MOM!” shrieked the witch!
A door slammed open against a wall!
The giant was up.
He would certainly die, as he was so small.

The titan picked him up,
The end was nigh,
There was only one last move, And that was to cry.

It didn’t work,
He was imprisoned day after day, The murder wasn’t worth it,
He wasn’t allowed to play anyway.


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