Lunch: Paid for by Andrew Jackson

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On the first day of Spring, a wrinkled, dirty, and elder George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Alexander Hamilton, and Andrew Jackson spent the day reading to the students of an inner-city elementary school in mathematics class. The students were learning how to count one, five, ten, and twenty-dollar bills. As a part of the upcoming presidential campaign, the underfunding and lack of resources in schools across the nation had become a cause for concern. The day was spent collecting video footage for a political campaign commercial that would be debuted in the upcoming weeks on the county television channel.

During lunch break, Andrew Jackson took a leisure walk down to the local bodega to grab a bite to eat. Along the way, the shoppers could have got a pedicure at the nail salon, a twelve-pack of Miller Lite at the beer distributor, or a slice of pizza at a pizza shop. Instead, Andrew Jackson looked for the five for five-dollar Oreo deal, lunch specials, and a Mandarin Jarritos beverage. The college students chose to eat chicken and beef empanadas with a sugar cookie and Mandarin Jarritos beverage. Among the group of four college students who were with him, Alexander Hamilton paid for today’s lunch. With kindness and respect, the Hispanic cashier returned a ten-dollar bill and thanked the college students for grabbing a bite to eat at their supermarket before heading back to their college campus for class that afternoon.


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