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At this point, I’m not sure who I should listen to anym-

“DID YOU CALL YOUR PARENTS YET? DID YOU FIX BETWEEN YOUR BROTHER AND PARENTS YET?” Family struggles shouts at me, again. I’m not surprised she lost her temper, but I’ve been avoiding her with the excus-

“Chemistry homework due 7am. Can’t forget. Ask the nice girl from class to help you, you should AT LEAST do well in your homework grade. Don’t be a disappointment.”

That, is my academic troubles. Growing up, I had a character for every issue that comes up in my life. If that character disappears abruptly, that means it got resolved and I treated it correctly. My mind is usually a mess trying to fit in all these characters in, as if it’s a political talkshow with everyone interrupting eac-

Honey. That’s all I could think of, while I was subtly admiring his eyes. Honey mixed with some espresso maybe? Definitely honey though. It’s been 57 days and I still haven’t said a word to the boy with honey eyes and I don’t plan to. The only conversations we’ve had was with our eyes and he probably either thinks I’m a creep or feels the same way, the odds for the second option aren’t high and I don’t plan to find out either.

“Say something! I bet he likes to you. Don’t let what happened with, you know who, mess up your future with someone else.” My love battle, says.

I roll eyes. I tell love battle in my head, “You know, repeating the same thing every time won’t make me any less stubborn that I already am?”

But today, he started working in my favorite coffee shop and I’m afraid I’ll throw up catastrophes instead of spelling out my usual, the line I repeat 2 times a day. Vent iced Americano with coconut milk and vanilla syrup. My health fighter might say something about vanilla at this point, but she’s having her beauty sleep. But whatever. At this point, I don’t mind sacrificing my coffee if it means I’ll have to go up and say something.

I take a deep breath. I leave. My emotional sanity is probably proud of me right now, standing in front of my love battle. But she’s been replaced wit- “You missed a good chance of opening up a conversation. This was your chance. You missed it. You missed it.” Love battle proceeds to shake her head in disappointment, but I couldn’t care less.

Then I started talking to emotional sanity. Debating while she gracefully puts her hand on my shoulder, she carries on saying, “You have to understand that you will always have baggage. Yours might be some misfortunes characterized as people, but everyone struggles, maybe not the same, but somehow.”

My throat tightens. She’s right. I start to walk back and smile to the guy with honey eyes as I open the door, going up to him. “One mixed berries smoothie”

“No coffee this time?” He says.

“Let’s just say, I’m trying to get over some old habits and start a new one.”


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Gail · ago
Clever. I like the unique style and the execution. It's a simple little love story that everyone can relate to. I like everything about it.