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I walk out the doors of the big building where I spent my morning with students. My class is going together, I’m walking with my best friend Tessa. We hit an end, wait, a cross walk? This is unusual, where are the cows? What’s all of this noise? We wait for the light to turn and walk across the street, I’m not used to this, that’s for sure. I’m getting used to the loud cars passing by, but there is so much trash on the ground it makes my heart break. I think of all of the reasons for it to be there. Were people too busy to throw it in the trash? Don’t people worry about their kids falling on the broken glass? What if an animal tries to eat it? How inconsiderate can people be. The noise of the passing cars breaks my thought as we walk over a busy bypass. How can people live with all of this noise? I think I’m getting a headache! I miss my trees and quiet farm fields, the only thing I hear at home is the sound of the wind blowing through grass and trees rustling in the...HONK!!!
We finally reach the corner store where I can hide from the noise. Its very different in here, all of the people are starring at me like I have an octopus for a head, I don’t understand. I hear a lovely sound, music playing over the speaker, but its in a different language, I really wish I knew what it said. The starring gets worse, I feel so uncomfortable, if only I knew why they were looking at me. Wow! What is that scent? The aroma surrounds me as I get closer to the counter. The ladies behind the counter are speaking another language, what are they saying? Are they talking to me? I decide to try some food and ask the lady for rice, chicken and plantains. My group and I decide to try the new food, we sit at a table and try to open our drinks. “You need open?”, says a kind voice, “yes”, we reply “that would be amazing”. I’ve never been treated so nicely by a stranger, but why are they still starring at me, is there something in my hair?
The food is amazing, but we can’t stay for long. We venture back out onto the street and back to our cars. We pass the same noises, same trash, and get further away from that amazing smell. We get back to our car and venture back to our world. The trees grow thicker and the buildings get sparser. I can finally relax, and no one is starring at me. Must have had something in my teeth, I guess I got it.
That night as I am driving home, I think about how thankful I am for the farm fields, cows and country roads I pass. All I can think of is getting home to my serene little world, where no one honks at you, there is no trash around and all I can see is mountains for miles.


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