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Eve stood on the balcony, recalling her first visit to State College. In 2017, she left the city she had lived for 18 years to study at Penn State. When Eve first came here, everything was new to her. She looked forward to the beginning of her independent life. Eve had not been home for the Spring Festival, the most important festival in China, for two years. During these two years, she did not talk to her parents for more than ten minutes, and she did not share the exciting things that happened to her every day with her friends with her parents. Although she wanted to communicate with her parents so much, she didn't know how. This is because Eve was alone every day when she was a child because her parents were busy at work and didn't have much time to accompany her at home.
At this moment, the sound of the alarm clock interrupted Eve, who was still standing on the balcony and recalling her childhood. She started in the sky and made a wish. The clock had struck eleven. She turned off the light and lay on the bed with her eyes closed. I don't know how long Eve slept; when she opened her eyes again, she found herself back in the small town full of the memory of her childhood, where her grandparents lived. Eve was still standing in front of the old bridge over the clear river, there are hardworking farmers and neighbors passed by. Eve looked at everything she familiar with, everything remained the same since she had left, and suddenly she realized that maybe that wish had come true.
Then Eve turned her head and dashed in a direction not far away. Closer. Closer. A two-story house appeared before her. The roof was brick red, and leaves surrounded the stone walls. Eve was even more excited because it was her grandparents' house. She began to stroll up the steps, and through the crack in the door, she saw a grey-haired old man dressed in brown and black. "This is my grandmother. What should I do? Should I go and hug her? "Thought Eve.
After a few minutes, Eve finally pushed the door open and hugged her grandmother as she was preparing breakfast. Her grandmother was shocked and said, "what are you doing? I was going to wake you up." Eve heard this and realized that it was the time when she did not go abroad to study. She shook her head at her grandmother and said, "I'm just feeling hungry." Looking at a bowl of plain noodles prepared by her grandmother in front of her, Eve felt that this was the happiest moment. When Eve finished breakfast, she saw her grandfather coming back from the morning exercise. Thinking of her grandfather's health, she asked him, "How are you today? Have you taken your medicine?" Grandpa smiled, nodded and made a sharp gesture to show that he was in good shape, which made Eve and her grandmother laugh.
Eve has the best relationship with her grandparents because they are always there for her when her parents are working; however, eve did not know how to get along with her parents. So, she asked her grandmother where her parents were. Grandma told Eve that her parents would be back soon. Eve couldn't calm down as she prepared dinner with her grandmother because she was looking forward to seeing her parents, but she was afraid too because she didn't know how to get along with them.
As she struggled, a woman's voice called from the doorway, "baby, we're back!" Eve thought it wasn't her mother because she had never heard her mother call her baby. At this moment, Eve felt a hand on her shoulder and heard a voice," I'm calling you, don't you want to talk to me?" Eve turned her head and realized that it really was her mother who was speaking. She wondered if the dream was the opposite of real life. Eve didn't know what to say to her parents because she didn't spend much time with them. Her mother just smiled a little and began to prepare dinner with eve. Eve always thinks that she is happiest with her grandparents, but she doesn't know that she has a lot to say to her parents. Her parents shared interesting things at work with her, and Eve also told her parents something that happened during the two years of studying abroad. As time went by, Eve sat at the kitchen table, watched the image of her family sitting together, and felt the warm atmosphere of the room, which rarely happened in her real life. She began to pray that she would not wake up from this dream. She kept wondering what if she woke up and everything was the same as before.
Her parents looked at her anxiously and asked, "what happened? Are you okay?" Eve hugged her mother, who was sitting next to her, and sobbed: "what if we don't get along like this and don’t have so much to talk about in the future?" Her mother touched her head and said, "No matter what you will become, you are always my baby girl. You can share your troubles and interesting things with me, or you can say nothing at all. Eve suddenly understood. She realized that communication was the only thing that mattered. It brought the family together and gave her a "home" feeling. She also understood that communication can promote the relationship between people, no matter what misunderstanding there is between two people.
"Dingkoo, dingkoo" the alarm clock was ringing. Eve woke up from her dream. She looked at the mobile phone by the bed, picked it up and called her parents. That beautiful day may be the happiest day for Eve and her parents, or it may be a new turning point in her life.


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