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It was a warm summer afternoon in the town of Port Clinton. Emma and Brooke decided they wanted to ride their bikes around town. They did this every day, about five times a day, so riding in the same areas got kind of boring. Today, they decided to explore the town a little bit more. Emma informed her mom, Tammy, that they would be going for a bike ride and getting a little bit more adventurous today. Tammy decided to pack them snack bags and plenty of water. As Emma and Brooke headed down the road, Tammy yelled “Be careful and don’t be too long!”

As Emma and Brooke started off on their adventure, they were talking about where they wanted to start exploring first. They both decided to start on the other end of town first. It had just rained not long before they started off on their adventure, so there was a rainbow in the sky shining over them. Throughout the ride, the girls were singing songs that they had learned in school. Brooke even sang the days of the week in Spanish for Emma.

They were getting a little tired so Brooke suggested, “Let’s take a snack break and feed some of the chickens.” The girls rode their bikes to where the chickens were living and sat down and shared some snacks and waters. Tammy had just made some empanadas, so she packed a chicken one for Emma and a beef one for Brooke.

After finishing up their snacks, the girls continued on the adventure. As they were riding, they came across this pathway they have never seen before. Emma looked at Brooke and ask “Should we go down it?” Brooke seemed curious and responded “I want to know where it leads, let’s go!” As Brooke began to race down the trail, Emma followed. As they were riding down the trial, they seen some beautiful flowers and kept a watch out for snakes. They stopped a couple times to look at the flowers but didn’t touch them because they weren’t sure if they were poisonous. Farther down the trail, Brooke started to hear a waterfall. Brooke really wanted to keep going down the path to see where it led, but Emma was too scared so the girls turned back.

Once the girls got back to Emma’s house, they were so excited to tell Tammy about the new path that they have discovered. Brooke started explain to Tammy and Matt, Emma’s dad, where the path was and all the wonderful flowers they saw. Then, Brooke said “Once we got so far down the path, we could hear a waterfall!” Matt stopped them right there in their story, “You cannot go down that path anymore!” Matt said. “That path way leads to the river underneath the highway, and that place is very dangerous and has dangerous people who hang out there.” Emma and Brooke looked at each other in shock and decided to never go down that path again!


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