Brunch In The Mountains

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I'm having Brunch in the mountains cant you see?
Granola and berries
with a flask filled with hot tea.
Breakfast and lunch
Add a side of landscape and serenity.
Pass the tranquility i'll take a heaping spoon of plenty.
I'm having brunch in the sky cant you tell
I'm enjoying the rocky terrain all too well
Not a traditional place that most would dine
Nonetheless, I enjoy a sweet escape and lose track of time.
I'm having brunch in the mountains the wilderness divine.
I close my eyes and embrace the rhythm of nature.
Brunch in the mountains it's quarter to one
I pack up knapsack to retire the fun.
Brunch in the mountains to you this will show.
It's not the food that makes your experience.
It's about where you go.


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