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There is a forest deep between the mountains. It is like forests that you can find elsewhere except its trees can speak. They chat and joke everyday about the residents of the forest like the crazy rabbit that lost its mind looking for its lost carrot or the dreamy ant that wishes to fly. Among those trees is a very beautiful tree that smiles without saying anything. Our story is the story of that tree.


Chapter 1: The Beginning

Once upon a time, the tree was a seed. It had just woken up from a long slumber. It couldn’t see anything. It was pitch black darkness, and yet it didn’t feel fear; rather a sense of peace, like a mother embracing her child, pervaded. Suddenly, it heard a majestic sound saying, “GO, GO NOW,” and the seed began falling. It fell from the sky at a great speed. It was happy that it could hear birds singing and could escape from the darkness to a beautiful blue sky and green lands that extended into the horizon. It saw the ground getting bigger and bigger. So, it closed its eyes preparing for a huge impact. When it stopped moving, it thought, “It doesn’t hurt that much.” It opened its small crystal eyes gradually. What it saw was darkness again. It had fallen into a hole in the ground. Unlucky seed it was.


Chapter 2: Growing Up

“OH! Not again,” the seed said. The seed was wondering what to do next. It lay there waiting for something, anything to happen for a very long time. Drops of water washed its small head and small dots of sunlight dried it up. One day, it discovered that it had grown legs and hands. Then, it grew bigger and longer, its body growing upward. It knew that the day would come when it would see the colorful sky and the green lands again. As time went by, the seed waited patiently with great anticipation. Today is the day it will reach the surface. When it does, it will close its eyes and take a deep breath of fresh air. It will bathe in sunlight and whisper to itself, “Finally, I am out.”


Chapter 3: The Outside World

The sun was shining on the forest and everything was normal. Then, in one spectacular moment, a small creature popped its head from the ground. It looked left, and then right, and then in every direction. With sparkly eyes and an obvious curiosity, it noticed a group of trees surrounding it. Each tree had a different color, like a box of crayons. There was a red tree, and a white tree, among others. A very large tree in the middle of them caught its attention. It looked old and had a face full of wrinkles. The old tree felt something observing it and began searching for the source of that feeling. Then, it noticed the newcomer and said, “Hello young seed. My name is Wise Tree. What’s yours?” The seed wanted to reply but a voice from within said, “Don’t speak.” So, the seed complied, followed the instruction of that voice, and looked shyly at the old tree, not knowing what to do. Wise Tree noticed the expression of uncertainty on the seed’s face and felt sorry because the young seed couldn’t talk. Wise Tree said, “It’s okay. You needn't speak” with a gentle smile. The seed nodded and felt relieved because this was its first encounter with a creature of the forest, and it wanted to leave a good expression. Wise Tree shouted, “Red. White. Wake up!” Both the red and white trees shivered and opened their eyes slowly. The red tree asked, “What do you want? Can’t you see that I am sleeping? Let White handle it. I am going to sleep now.” The red tree closed its eyes and returned to sleep. The white tree opened its eyes, looked coldly at the red tree and said with indifference, “No, I will not do anything. You do it, Red.” Red woke up again and began quarrelling with White. To the surprise of the seed, Wise Tree didn’t stop them, and only watched them carefully. It was clear to the seed that it was not the first time Red and White had argued. After some time, Wise Tree had had enough of them and simply said, “Stop. We have a newcomer here. Both of you will help introduce the others.” They stopped their fight suddenly, just as it had begun, and looked at the seed with blank expressions on their faces. It had been a long time since a newcomer had arrived. Red said, “I am Red and that is White. We will introduce you to the family . “OH. What’s your name?” Red waited for an answer, but there was no answer from the seed. Red, White, and Wise Tree felt sad. They had been with each other for a long and understood the situation without words. Red looked again at the seed and said, “It doesn’t matter. You will be Seed for now.” The seed nodded its head toward Red. It was excited because it had a name now, and “Seed” seemed to be a nice name. After that, they told Seed stories about the world and their lives. Seed believed that it had found a place to call home and trees to call family.


Chapter 4: Leaves
A Long Time Later

Seed had grown up and became an adult tree like the others. Seed spent all of its time listening. The other trees talked about the weather, their surroundings, and whatever they could remember of the past. When Seed’s first leaf came out, Seed was happy, but Red was even happier, because the color of the leaf was red. Red looked at White and smiled. It didn’t last long, though, because the second leaf for Seed was white. Red and White looked at each other with confusion. Finally, one by one, hundreds of leaves grew from Seed, each with different color, representing every tree in the forest.


Chapter 5: The First Word and the Crisis

One breezy autumn day, the trees were chatting about the weather, and Seed was silent as usual. However, while listening to their conversation, it began to wonder about why he had been following the voice inside its head for so long. Perhaps the voice was wrong. Seed didn’t want to listen anymore. Seed heard Red say, “I tell you it’s going to rain. Believe me.” Then Seed gathered its courage and shouted, “I believe you Red.” Red and the other trees looked at Seed in bewilderment, and even Wise Tree raised its eyebrows. Seed felt happy and proud, but there was also a small feeling within that something bad was going to happen. Yes, something bad. Without any notice, a cold wind began to blow strongly and black clouds started to gather, accompanied by heavy rain and lighting. Every tree felt fear. It wasn’t like anything they had experienced before. Suddenly, lighting struck nearby. They closed their eyes. Then they opened their eyes and looked down to see if they had been hit. Red, White, and Wise Tree had not been struck. Seed, though, was black and broken. As the lightning struck Seed, he lost conscious gradually. Seed wondered, “Am I going to die? Why me? Because I spoke? Please give me another chance.” But his leaves fell to the ground and he became bare and cold. The other trees realized that they had lost a part of themselves too. Wise Tree said, “There will be a new beginning. We must wait.” The trees waited for a long time, but nothing happened.


Chapter 6: Revival

After many seasons had passed, Seed began to grow new colorful leaves. It regained consciousness, but it couldn’t remember anything about what had happened. The other trees told Seed stories about what had happened before the storm, but Seed couldn’t remember. Then Seed heard a still, small voice in its head.“Don’t speak.” The other trees didn’t hear the voice, but they understood that Seed should not speak. They spoke to him, but did not ask for him to respond. Sometimes they called Seed the Seed of Madness, the Ray of Hope, or the Deadliest Poison. Seed knew its real name, though, it was The Seed of Love.

Love is but a mere seed in a forest
A forest full of weed and full of thorn
sunshine, stay, oh you must, at my behest
I cannot,without your rays, hope adorn

I shall grant you, o seed, what you yearn for
But linger in silence, sunshine replied
Joyfully, the seed did not seek for more
for hope, happiness, had lived and died

It tried, but it is hard, tough and wistful
Not to express a friend’s care and emotion
It spoke its first words honest , loud and faithful
but death followed close, not hesitation

With ones life ends, another will began
It is the cycle of life. It’s god plan


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Image of Heather
Heather · ago
I felt everything Seed felt.
Image of Abdullah Abdulrahman
Abdullah Abdulrahman · ago
Keep up the good work and I am so proud of you
Image of Sultan Aljohani
Sultan Aljohani · ago
Image of Adfh
Adfh · ago
Good story my friend
Image of Sultan Aljohani
Sultan Aljohani · ago
Glad you like it
Image of حكاياآ الفرح
حكاياآ الفرح · ago
جميلة كلماتك اذهلتني

Image of Sultan Aljohani
Sultan Aljohani · ago
Image of Beth Kelly
Beth Kelly · ago
Awww! Poor little Seed. The story left me with a lot of questions. Thanks for sharing.
Image of Sultan Aljohani
Sultan Aljohani · ago
your welcome
Image of Anwar Alghamdi
Anwar Alghamdi · ago
Image of Sultan Aljohani
Sultan Aljohani · ago
Glad you like it