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One day I was at home and my mom handed me $20 and told Taylor and I to go and get some food for whatever we could. So Taylor and myself packed up our stuff made our way down the sidewalk to the bus stop. We stopped at the bus stop and hopped on. So after about a 20 minute ride we ended up at this pavilion. Inside the pavilion there was a whole bunch of food! But the food we saw wasn’t what we were used to. There were things like Dulces, Turron, and Fresquito. Taylor and I looked at each other in confusion. What kind of food was this stuff? In the background we also heard people singing, but we could not understand what they were singing. I asked Taylor if she could understand what she was saying and she said no but she thought they were speaking Spanish. I thought to myself how can anybody understand this? Taylor and I sat on a bench talking to one another when two girls came over to use and introduced themselves as Isabella and Gabriela. They were super nice and asked us if we wanted to play hop scotch with them! While we were playing Isabella and Gabriela started talking to each other in Spanish, and Taylor asked “What are you guys saying?” and Gabriela told us. We explained to them that we don’t understand Spanish! So they told us to follow them, we went around the pavilion and they pointed to different words and told us what it meant and helped us pick out things for $20! It was amazing, because Taylor and I learned a whole new language and bought different types of foods. We bought things like enchiladas, Dulces, and Pisto. The four of us then went and found a spot under the tree to eat it all. After a little while we Taylor and I told Isabella and Gabriela that we had to head back. We got together the rest of the food we didn’t eat and headed towards the bus stop. The bus came and Taylor and I hopped on. The whole bus ride home Taylor and I practiced the different words that we had learned! When we got back we went to meet with my mom and we showed her all the different food we had bought, but we also got to teach her the new words we learned. She was really impressed and even made us a Spanish dinner. Over dinner we talked about the differences and how neat it was to get to learn about the way other people live. That pavilion is one place that I want to go back to!


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