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Claiming to be in captivity,
She fights to understand
The intellect of this man
Little does she know
That it won’t be much longer until she has to go

As days pass and months fly
Her mind tries to comprehend
Everything that life has thrown at her
She is jumbled and confused
But at least that man is there
To keep her quite amused
In the darkest hour
And upsetting of times,
She relies on him
To vanquish the dim

The time has come for them to part
The man holds his broken heart
Near and dear to his chest
As if to mend it together again
His child will be leaving him
And she doesn’t have much to say
Except that she still loves him dearly
But it’s time to move away

He is alone now
As he listens to the sound of an empty house
He yearns for his child
To visit him once again
Before she left, life seemed tough
And sometimes he ponders
If he truly gave enough

Meanwhile, in her home
With one child attached to a hip
She crumples and sobs
As everything begins to click
She wished it hadn’t took so long
Just to understand
The intellect of that old man


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