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The kids around here talk of a house that’s haunted at the end of the road. It’s a justifiable assumption; one look at the abandoned, ill-tended house sends shivers down the spine. The plots ...

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muhammad, ago

She is quite pretty,
Shining brighter than New York city.
Her fair silhouette takes my breath away--relax

The breeze around her, smells like flower,
The only thing that ...

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P. Roy, ago

Rainboots. She’d asked for rainboots. The black-with-polka-dots kind. She didn’t need Kate Spade or anything. In fact, she’d seen some at Walmart for fifteen bucks. So when she informed her ...

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Yiji, ago

Eve stood on the balcony, recalling her first visit to State College. In 2017, she left the city she had lived for 18 years to study at Penn State. When Eve first came here, everything was new to ...

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Alexa, ago

Can we overdose?
Can you and I spend our lives in carless forevers with nonchalant attitudes and free spirits of endless first times with infinite highs?
All joy and all bliss.
Can we...

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My Stone Bed

Valorie, ago

The journey begins. Squeezing my head, then torso and lastly my legs as I push through the paint-chipped bars of the rusted gates that are meant to keep them in and us out. But I break through. ...

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A New Experience

SamB, ago

One day I was at home and my mom handed me $20 and told Taylor and I to go and get some food for whatever we could. So Taylor and myself packed up our stuff made our way down the sidewalk to the ...

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2:00 AM

literariel, ago

“Don’t have a cow, Lisa!” Jennifer snapped at her roommate as she shouldered open the door to the science club’s pseudo-fraternity house. “You said you wanted to loosen up! Don’t tell ...

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PSU The other side
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The Woodlot

Cecilia, ago

There is a woodlot in the center of Pap's field. He said that years back they used it for firewood, and that the cows took shade there on hot summer days, when there was still a herd.


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Isle Of Joy

Medina W., ago

On the Isle of Joy, a beauty walks down the aisle
As night approached, her knight fled
She cries through her pores
Her tears pouring into a long river
Then came along a white ...

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Bram, ago

I was surprised to be having a mental breakdown in the bread aisle. It wasn’t really the mental breakdown that was surprising, and it definitely wasn’t the bread, but there was something about...

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Room 21

KarlaB, ago

It was the spring of 1978, and the room 21 was ready to receive its new guest. That afternoon, a red hair girl had brought her grandmother. I did not see the tears, not even a little of sorrow. ...