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The Phoenix

J.P., ago

I stare at the sky and all of its colors and shades, lights and darks, reds and yellows within its deep blue. The sun elongates the shadows created by my body and my black ‘77 Trans-Am parked on the... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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At Meredith, a women’s liberal arts college in Raleigh, my freshmen year friends asked often about my background during supper, as they did with everyone, attempting to use a few stories to stitch ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Her nose knew this smell. The people. The men. Men. Men took the trees. Men made them hot and orange. Men would touch the trees to make them glow in the night. The trees began a new life that filled ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Ring or Knife

Larz, ago

I stood over his sleeping body, knife in one hand and ring on the other. Today is our 3rd anniversary but it always felt like a funeral. It's funny how smiles always mask cries. When I first met him ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Who would you save? The day seemed like any other. Another day of car rides, flights, press conferences, interviews, galas. Itineraries daunt me. They make me question the meaning of life, the way ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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One On One

Black Ghost, ago

Amaya lied on her bed, staring at the ceiling, hands behind her head on her pillow. Her eyes darted around the ceiling occasionally as if they were chasing something around the surface. She wanted to ... [+]

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Allison Midgett, ago

How does one god kill another? I contemplate this as I sit perched on my web, tucked beneath the shadow of the birdbath. He makes his rounds, scrupulously inspecting each row of tulips before moving ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Morning Run

Tara, ago

I didn’t know yet whether it would be a good run or a bad run as I jogged the first few steps of the gravel trail. But it would be a run. I would feel a little sweat on my face in the cool morning ... [+]

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Inner Battles

LAH, ago

At this point, I’m not sure who I should listen to anym-


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Prada, ago

Tell me, when you were born, did you go towards the light? Tell me. Were you held in a cradle of warmth? Did the music tell you it was going to be okay? Yes?

Let me tell you a story. Sila. ... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Book of Eli

Matt, ago

Perfection has many flaws. Eli Wood grew up in the eighth chapter of a society that labeled itself “perfect.” Each chapter had a different average income, one being the poorest and eight being the... [+]

PSU New beginnings
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Nate, ago

He finishes his drink, and briefly makes eye contact with the man across from him at the table. He excuses himself and stands, giving a stiff nod to the men at the table as they continue their ... [+]

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