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I sat alone in my room with the last bit of evening sun filtering through my window, and the retina-burning display of my dad’s old computer melting my brain. I searched google maps for a good ...

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The Letters

Nass11, ago

There was a happy family that lived on the small island of Martinique in the French West Indies. The family consisted of 5 sons and their parents, and they were living in a simple house in a ...

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Alexa, ago

I chose not to cover my struggles
I chose not to disguise my bruises
I chose not to hide my flaws
Now, I walk with strong, upright strides

My eyes open wide like the suns...

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I walk out the doors of the big building where I spent my morning with students. My class is going together, I’m walking with my best friend Tessa. We hit an end, wait, a cross walk? This is ...

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The Ordinary

Bader, ago

"How did we lose?"
"This isn't fair"
"What am I lacking?"
"Why can't I win?"
"Am I not talented?"

After losing the Colorado High School Basketball Championship, a ...

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My name is Alice, and I’m a camera.

Alice, why don’t you start...why don’t you tell me what a typical day looks like for you.

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Summers Day

Lilia, ago

Shades of peach and orange peak through the blinds as the sun makes it way up to the sky. The birds are whistling and making their way through the morning. You can hear their whistle matches up ...

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My Ride

Moonlight, ago

She is my very first.
Her silver skin sparkles as if she is a diamond.
Her leather interior had that just-off the showroom smell.
Her boxy stature lures me in
as she fades into the...

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Have you ever thought about the value of things around you?

Have you thought about opportunities that you have missed?

Have you thought about leaving life?

Or about ...

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Low Power Mode

Jmb, ago

Before my car spun out on the highway ice on the way to Chicago, slammed against the railing, and I found myself looking at the oncoming traffic of I-80—I used to spend a lot of time driving at ...

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As he keenly listened, her eyes filled with tears. A spontaneous embrace emerged. They shared nothing. Or, at least that’s what they thought. Not just the red bodily fluid nurturing their ...

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“What do we do now?”
“Put him in my trunk,” Dean said.
“Are you sure about that?”
“ Get his legs, Kev.”
Without hesitation, Dean bent down and was ready to get his...

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