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The leaves pull at your feet with a playful child's grip. The door holds your hand with a lover's urgency. The card reader clicks with a parent's chiding tone.

But you must go back. ...

PSU Lost and found
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In the depths of his room
Illuminated by the twilight sky
A child laid in their room
Idly watching the seasons pass by.

The boy stayed trapped,
Buried over the years

PSU Lost and found
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My favorite superhero as a child was Goldeneye, defender of the weak and divine avenger of the Gods. His character was based off Assyrian legends from millennia ago. Supposedly, they had found ...

PSU Lost and found
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Darkness blossoms into radiant light. Emptiness transforms into a warm fullness. I breathe, knowing intuitively that I am alive, yet WHO AM I? White angels surround me, their lips moving in an ...

PSU Lost and found
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I had left my phone at work on that beautiful June day, a day of late evening sun, a warm summer breeze, and the languid buzz of insects. Monarchs flitted around, one landing on my shoulder for a ...

PSU Lost and found
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You guided me to peace
peace and creativity
Creativity of mind and body
body of strength
Strength in our numbers
numbers and time
Time dried up for you

You are ...

PSU Lost and found
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First we lost the green of the jungle
No more bird songs

Then we lost the Blue sky replaced for the eternal and toxic grey
No more star lights

We lost our sacred ...

PSU Lost and found
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Cramped in the back of a white Chevy van,
We stood for hours like cargo.
Clanking chains marked all the checkpoints,
We held our breath and prayed.
Stillness sunk in when the ...

PSU Lost and found
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Abbadon, ago

Esbenshade lost his mind in the hall of mirrors beneath the splintered rafters of the decayed Grande Pavilion of Saltair. It was not initially his decision, rather a pressing encouragement of the ...

PSU Lost and found
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Ballard, ago

I found it. The street you grew up on. Apparently they changed the name in the 60s when the "City Beautiful" movement elevated the freeway and cut the Diamond street you knew in two. The north ...

PSU Lost and found