"New Beginnings" Contest Winners, Spring 2018

Our first short story contest, "New Beginnings," wrapped up on April 20. We were thrilled to receive 33 stories. Thank you to all authors who submitted work and helped to create energy and excitement about this website!

We are pleased to announce our three prize-winning short story winners along with seven honorable mentions. All ten stories will be uploaded to our Penn State short story dispensers for distribution, so readers could end up with a Penn Stater's submission when they print stories. Congratulations to the following authors and their stories:

The public chose "A Seed" by Sultan Aljohani, as their favorite story of this contest
Our Editorial Board chose "Rainbows" by Erica Johnson and "Red Yarn, or Beginning from the End" by Ellis Stump.

Honorable mentions, listed in alphabetical order by title with author's username:

"The Boy" by Kbatra
"Inner Battles" by LAH
"The Moon Bearer" by Dwitman15
"Morning's First Beam" by SteveSchneible
"New Beginnings" by Sau
"The Visit" by Peterrugg
"What Became of the Bear State" by Emma