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Morning? Already?

I don’t even know why I bother asking myself that everyday; every morning is greeted with the same, rhetorical question. It may seem like I’m whining, and you ... [+]

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The room is all I can remember. I don’t remember a time I wasn’t in this room. It is a small room with a small bed, a bookshelf and a desk. There are two doors on opposite sides of the room. ... [+]

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In the dark room, Edward couldn’t stop focusing on the sound of whistling wind. He was sitting near the drawing table and sadness occupied his soul. He was remembering the Monday morning at ... [+]

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Oliver James was losing his senses, plunging through a glassy ripple that he could see no end to. Panic filled him as he tried to reach back towards the world from which he came, but it was no ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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I was watching Isabella and her cousin Mathew, as they were playing outside. Mathew was swinging on the swing set and Isabella was running through the soft, green grass, chasing after some ... [+]

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PSU The other side
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The Boogeyman is real, and he's nothing like you think.

He stalks the dark side of the planet, terrorizing the colonists of Shaden, leaving nothing but scorch marks in his wake.

... [+]

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Back when I lived in the woods, I knew it was springtime when the swimming pool flooded. In a questionable decision of engineering, it was inground and sat right at the confluence of two streams ... [+]

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With her toes in the lake near the wooden cabin she hadn’t seen in twenty years, Courtney begged her father to not go overboard this time. The boy that used to live near the lake drove by in a ... [+]

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PSU The other side