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There was a happy family that lived on the small island of Martinique in the French West Indies. The family consisted of 5 sons and their parents, and they were living in a simple house in a ... [+]

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"How did we lose?"
"This isn't fair"
"What am I lacking?"
"Why can't I win?"
"Am I not talented?"

After losing the Colorado High School Basketball Championship, a ... [+]

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My name is Alice, and I’m a camera.

Alice, why don’t you start...why don’t you tell me what a typical day looks like for you.
... [+]

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Rainboots. She’d asked for rainboots. The black-with-polka-dots kind. She didn’t need Kate Spade or anything. In fact, she’d seen some at Walmart for fifteen bucks. So when she informed her ... [+]

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Eve stood on the balcony, recalling her first visit to State College. In 2017, she left the city she had lived for 18 years to study at Penn State. When Eve first came here, everything was new to ... [+]

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“Don’t have a cow, Lisa!” Jennifer snapped at her roommate as she shouldered open the door to the science club’s pseudo-fraternity house. “You said you wanted to loosen up! Don’t tell ... [+]

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There is a woodlot in the center of Pap's field. He said that years back they used it for firewood, and that the cows took shade there on hot summer days, when there was still a herd.

... [+]

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I was surprised to be having a mental breakdown in the bread aisle. It wasn’t really the mental breakdown that was surprising, and it definitely wasn’t the bread, but there was something about... [+]

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It was the spring of 1978, and the room 21 was ready to receive its new guest. That afternoon, a red hair girl had brought her grandmother. I did not see the tears, not even a little of sorrow. ... [+]

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The bathroom tiles stabbed at Rodrigo’s feet with their icy cold, even through the soles of his Donald Duck slippers. A shiver raced up his back in the dark. The warm air of May had vanished ... [+]