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The leaves pull at your feet with a playful child's grip. The door holds your hand with a lover's urgency. The card reader clicks with a parent's chiding tone.

But you must go back. ...

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PSU Lost and found
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Penelope nestled against the pillows on her bed, pretending not to see the stack of cardboard boxes stacked in the corner of her new room. Their jumbled contents could be dealt with in the ...

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Cousin Romey

Robina, ago

Oh, hey, Will. Yeah, you’re right. I’m bummed. Totally. Just came from my cousin’s funeral. Thanks, man. Such a tragedy. Totally preventable. Now I’m gonna go get drunk. Come with me, man....

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Sole Mate

lily, ago

I had known her ever since I could remember. She and I went everywhere together. We liked the same things and even shared the same favorite color. We were nearly identical in every way. But it had...

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PSU Lost and found
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Two great googly eyes stared down at me from the sky. The eager wind pulled my kite and its big yellow eyes higher and higher. I stuck my fingers in the ends of the cardboard tube and let the ...

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The Phoenix

J.P., ago

I stare at the sky and all of its colors and shades, lights and darks, reds and yellows within its deep blue. The sun elongates the shadows created by my body and my black ‘77 Trans-Am parked on the...

PSU New beginnings
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Her nose knew this smell. The people. The men. Men. Men took the trees. Men made them hot and orange. Men would touch the trees to make them glow in the night. The trees began a new life that filled ...

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One On One

Black Ghost, ago

Amaya lied on her bed, staring at the ceiling, hands behind her head on her pillow. Her eyes darted around the ceiling occasionally as if they were chasing something around the surface. She wanted to ...

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Inner Battles

LAH, ago

At this point, I’m not sure who I should listen to anym-


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Prada, ago

Tell me, when you were born, did you go towards the light? Tell me. Were you held in a cradle of warmth? Did the music tell you it was going to be okay? Yes?

Let me tell you a story. Sila. ...

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Book of Eli

Matt, ago

Perfection has many flaws. Eli Wood grew up in the eighth chapter of a society that labeled itself “perfect.” Each chapter had a different average income, one being the poorest and eight being the...

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