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Alexa, ago

I chose not to cover my struggles
I chose not to disguise my bruises
I chose not to hide my flaws
Now, I walk with strong, upright strides

My eyes open wide like the suns...

PSU The other side
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My Ride

Moonlight, ago

She is my very first.
Her silver skin sparkles as if she is a diamond.
Her leather interior had that just-off the showroom smell.
Her boxy stature lures me in
as she fades into the...

PSU The other side
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As he keenly listened, her eyes filled with tears. A spontaneous embrace emerged. They shared nothing. Or, at least that’s what they thought. Not just the red bodily fluid nurturing their ...

PSU The other side
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“What do we do now?”
“Put him in my trunk,” Dean said.
“Are you sure about that?”
“ Get his legs, Kev.”
Without hesitation, Dean bent down and was ready to get his...

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muhammad, ago

She is quite pretty,
Shining brighter than New York city.
Her fair silhouette takes my breath away--relax

The breeze around her, smells like flower,
The only thing that ...

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Alexa, ago

Can we overdose?
Can you and I spend our lives in carless forevers with nonchalant attitudes and free spirits of endless first times with infinite highs?
All joy and all bliss.
Can we...

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A New Experience

SamB, ago

One day I was at home and my mom handed me $20 and told Taylor and I to go and get some food for whatever we could. So Taylor and myself packed up our stuff made our way down the sidewalk to the ...

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Isle Of Joy

Medina W., ago

On the Isle of Joy, a beauty walks down the aisle
As night approached, her knight fled
She cries through her pores
Her tears pouring into a long river
Then came along a white ...

Winner - Jury Selection
PSU The other side
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10 hours and 23 minutes to be exact
One state from my home state
The golden state miles behind me
I flee my hometown in dire need to escape
I am traveling east without a ...

PSU The other side
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Black—so thick you can touch it
—encases you. You stretch out your hands
—right in front of you! —
but... do you even have hands? Yes, good
church-going kid you are, you ...

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sonya, ago

The sun is shining like a blazing fire upon the town today. Everyone is trying to keep cool by hydrating the body with ice, cold, frozen water. Others were jumping into the large crashing waves, ...

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