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Short Fiction


Erica Johnson

Light peeks through the stain glass window in front of our small crawl-space attic, creating rainbows on the walls in our living room. I stand at the front door overlooking the sunlit street that... [+]

Short Fiction

The Phoenix


I stare at the sky and all of its colors and shades, lights and darks, reds and yellows within its deep blue. The sun elongates the shadows created by my body and my black ‘77 Trans-Am parked on... [+]

Short Fiction

The Blue Lady

Susan Ayotte

Melody jostled a dust-coated box into the backseat of her car. The box had remained untouched for the three years she’d been at Harvard. Why had she insisted on bringing it to law school? She’d... [+]

Short Fiction

Pictures of Us


The breeze swung me side to side as I listened to the world around me. The sound of the leaves brushing against one another, the billowing of the grass, and the calming voice of the wind. It... [+]

Short Fiction


Elizabeth H.

I met Loic while attending our small boarding school tucked between the two hills of Mont-L’Eveque, where I was sent after the first bomb struck Boulogne. He would come to save my life and I would... [+]

Short Fiction

Flowers Speak Louder Than Words


Harley woke up feeling like a bus had run over him. Weak, and a bit nauseous, and most definitely like he wanted to pass out.
Which wasn’t at all unusual considering his anxiety disorde... [+]

Short Fiction

Feel Afraid


She has a studio apartment, he has a rented room. Both are transient and lonely but she finds feels stable in how they can be a little less lonely together.
She’s planned this moment and she... [+]

Short Fiction

When Hope Dies


Apathy was a woman who didn’t feel anything. Apathy didn’t feel any emotion, making it hard for her to feel things, even the most simple things like eating brought her sadness. The things that... [+]

Short Fiction

I Want to Show the World


The space around the park was packed with screaming teens. They were so close together, Cam could barely push his way through. Of course, that kind of treatment was the norm for any building Julian... [+]

Short Fiction

I Will!

Anne Tabbwriter

Three sisters were having a conversation about relationships and marriage. “I will be walking down the aisle in two years,” exclaimed Ann. Her sisters laughingly asked her, “Oh, yeah? “Who... [+]