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That’s what life’s like, you don’t really make choices. The whole thing terrified me but I loved her. Mathilde adored canyoning, she spent her Sundays and vacations roped up, climbing the ... [+]

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My name is Noucha, I’m eleven years old and my favorite superhero is me!

Everything in my life is magical, epic and fantastic. I live in the most beautiful house in my neighborhood even ... [+]

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There are times in your life when everything seems complicated and a total grind. Times that get a bit blurry, when you can’t keep a handle on things, when everything goes all pear-shaped or ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2016
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Mmh... the smell of a wood fire, nice meat ready for the grill, marinated in virgin oil with Herbs de Provence. Prime rib? Of course! Hang on, are people coming for lunch? Didn’t know it was ... [+]

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I remember those little country roads, those paths where progress is slow, like the passage from childhood to adulthood. The mineral smell of the low dry stone moss-covered walls, snaking beyond the ... [+]

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The first day, Achille wrote his love on blue paper, which he folded over and over with care. A beautiful airplane with a pointed nose like the ones that sometimes made colored patterns in the ... [+]

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It was an easy day as only afternoons in June could be, the world basking in clear, gentle sunlight, summer arriving softly, lazily, the days already more vital with their new-found ... [+]