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Music at full blast. Too bad about the neighbors.

A delicious shiver runs through my body. My feet, timid at first, start to tap out the rhythm. A little swaying of the hips, then head ... [+]

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I’ve never set one damn foot in New York City. Oh, but I have seen Escape from New York, where a one-eyed Kurt Russell surveys the Big Apple, now transformed into a prison. But I have never put one... [+]

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I, Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Semele,
God living among mortals,
God roaming over this beloved land,
Preferring the roughness of the ground beneath my bare feet to the softness of the ... [+]

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Indifference kills. It is as pitiless towards higher intelligences as it is to the most primitive of beings. The truth is the same for all. Tight lips and absent stares are deadly ... [+]

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The hands of the clock are ticking. Any minute now, thinking time will be over. But I still need a few moments to clarify the situation.

I know very well that this is not the time to ... [+]

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The steppe. Infinite frontier. Grassy kingdom. In its vastness, a cousin to the sea. The wind had made it its playground. It could roam until it ran out of breath, with no obstacles.

He had ... [+]

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On this July night, the sky gradually darkens and covers the seventy hectares of the American cemetery with its black veil. 
It has been a splendid day; the air is laden with the soft scents of ... [+]

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My father used to say that butterflies only landed on the prettiest flowers. And on people who possessed a beautiful soul.
When I was a child, butterflies often used to land on me. And that ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2016
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It doesn’t work very well, this elevator. I’d rather take a few more minutes. I’m exhausted, it finishes me off climbing all these steps.

It always stinks in there. A mixture of bananas, ... [+]

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I used to pass you every morning in my street, the one that runs alongside the cemetery. I would be hurrying off to do my shopping. You walked with small steps, your back stooped, leaning on your ... [+]

Winner - Jury Selection
Grand Prix Eté 2016