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Felix’s Dream Life

Anne-Marie R., ago

Felix jumped up onto the sofa and, lying full length against his master, began to purr noisily to show how contented he was. His master stopped reading and began to stroke him, delighting in sinking ... [+]

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The Water of Courage

Oneminmore, ago

“What are you waiting for?” asked Sophie with an amused smile.
“It’s cold!” protested her cousin Claudia.
The shivering teenager was standing hesitantly at the water’s edge, trying ... [+]

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The Class Photo

Chantal Sourire, ago

Tomorrow it’s the vacation!
Miss Barnett, the young and spirited primary teacher, is having quite a job marshaling the thirty little cherubs in her class for the end of year photo.
She ... [+]

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The Shepherd’s Hour

Mome de Meuse, ago

The village streetlamps press their huge amber pearls against the still-light sky.
In the garden, the gentle squeaking of the swings has stopped. The moon, orange and round like a burst ... [+]

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Veranda, ago

I don’t know her name, but she is really pretty. She rides across the campsite on her bike without ever giving me a glance, with her brother and her Mom and Dad. Well, of course, they’re ... [+]

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Japanese Variation

Chantal Sourire, ago

Once again she filled her trolley as the cashier looked on astounded, asking herself the same question she did every day. How could such a small woman, frail and tiny, eat such a huge quantity of ... [+]

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A Giddying Morning

Mome de Meuse, ago

Today is the day. He had decided. To celebrate his twelfth birthday, Aodren is going to go rappelling with his father down the Dalles Grises in the Verdon Gorge. A dizzying fall of five hundred and ... [+]

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Minty Elevator

Nicolas Juliam, ago

Eyes sticky, brain clogged up. As usual I get into the elevator with my head down, on auto-pilot. But today is different because her scent is in here. And she’s here, too. In a moment of panic I... [+]

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Farida Johnson, ago

Judith! I went past you during class. Your head bent down over the desk, your slender neck and the tendrils of hair escaping from your ponytail.
Judith! I am totally in love.
Your knees ... [+]

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Dance of Joy

Rouge-coeur, ago

Music at full blast. Too bad about the neighbors.

A delicious shiver runs through my body. My feet, timid at first, start to tap out the rhythm. A little swaying of the hips, then head ... [+]