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Peter Hankins

Peter Hankins spent many years pecking out a novel on his iPad while sitting with his elbows pressed to his sides on London commuter trains. In those days he had a civil service job where his ability to write prose that sounded misleadingly authoritative was his chief asset. Since retiring with chronic health problems in the shape of Crohn’s disease, he has focused his energy on short stories, and his work has been longlisted or placed in a number of competitions, including the Alpine Fellowship Prize, the Bridport short story competition, and the Hammond House International Writing Competition. He has a long-running blog Conscious Entities about consciousness and a newer one Seen and Done about writing and other projects by him and others. He might even get that novel back in motion one day.

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Rick Westwell

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J.T. Hamilton

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Susan O'Neal

Susan O’Neal is a student at the UK Open University, where she is studying Creative Writing. She has lived in Croydon for most of her adult life. Now an early retiree, she has taken up writing and  [+]