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Nathan Susnik

Nathan Susnik has been a pole vaulter, a Mississippi paddlewheel steamboat deckhand, and a molecular biology researcher. He is currently a medical writer living with his family near Hanover, Germany. Find his fiction published by Escape Pod, PodCastle, Shoreline of Infinity, and more.

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Del Persinger

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Charmaine Caward

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Rueck Ruecktenwald

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Samir Ramos

Latin American writer, passionate about the art of polishing words and silences  [+]

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Jonathan Heinz

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Laura Susnik

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Deborah Davitt

Deborah L. Davitt writes award-nominated poetry, short stories, and novels. For more about her work, please see  [+]

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Alex Grey

Alex Grey lives in the UK with her husband and several retired greyhounds. Although she has spent her life writing technical non-fiction, she is now fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a poet  [+]

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Hi, I’m Nili Roberts. I scribble stories in cafés around Osaka. I came to Japan 15 years ago to practice a martial art. Home was Istanbul—Paris—London. It sounds like a posh shopping bag, but  [+]

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Mary Tabor

Lecteur, auteur, professeur, animateur de radio, chroniqueur. Le meilleur conseil que j'ai jamais eu? 'Se connecter uniquement ...' E.M. Forste  [+]

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J.J Khiara

Let's make poetry great again!

Rendons l'actualité plus poétique  [+]

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Laurence Raphael Brothers

Laurence Raphael Brothers is a writer and a technologist. More than 30 of his short stories have appeared in magazines such as Nature, PodCastle, the New Haven Review, and Galaxy's Edge. His WWI-era  [+]

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Houda Belabd

Writer. Correspondent Journalist for (The representative NP of the French community living in New York City)

If the heart tells you to, you can follow me on  [+]

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Tony Martello

Join the author, Tony Martello on mini reading adventures that can be read in under 5 minutes. Explore interesting humans, wild nature, and all the interactions between. He is a Californian and  [+]

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J.M. Raynaud

French, what else ?
You have to excuse my English !
If you want to read me in french, it's here :  [+]

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Felix Culpa

Felix Culpa is passionate about fantasy literature and philosophy. He has written several collections of short stories around these themes. He also loves music and started writing songs very early on  [+]