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Jaden Parker

Surprisingly (only to her), Jaden is a member of the BA/MA Creative Writing Graduate Program at Penn State. She has loved writing since she was young and enjoys making people FEEL something with her words. She hopes people can enjoy reading her work as much as she enjoys writing it but seriously doubts that possibility. ;)

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My love for writing sparked a flame in me when I was a child. I used to listen closely to the stylized songs my father would sing to my mom each morning. Each lyrical masterpiece conveyed such depth  [+]

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Born and raised outside of Chicago, I love writing in all its many forms and genres. I also love trees, birds, video games, and video game representations of trees and birds  [+]

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Nathan is a Penn State student who tries to flesh out his imagination in every avenue he can find. He loves writing stories, characters, and worlds that no one has ever seen before. He is a junio  [+]