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Ivy Gomes

Ivy is a high school student from New York City.

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Maymuna Mazumder

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Thomas Maluck

Thomas Maluck is a teen services librarian and compulsive writer in South Carolina. His poetry has been published by Stepping Stone Press, South Carolina Poetry Initiative, Muddy Ford Press, and the  [+]

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Susi Bocks

Writer/author/poet - She has self-published two books - Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause - and is the Editor of The Short of It. You can find her work at Bocks' work has been  [+]

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Rita Bourland

I live in Columbus, Ohio and have been married for 43 years. We have three grown sons. I write short stories and poetry for children and adults. My book, A Halloween Brew of Poems Just for You, is  [+]

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Mary Tabor

Lecteur, auteur, professeur, animateur de radio, chroniqueur. Le meilleur conseil que j'ai jamais eu? 'Se connecter uniquement ...' E.M. Forste  [+]

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Houda Belabd

My interview with Princess Karina Bagration published on Le Petit Journal de New York on three parts:  [+]

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Tony Martello

Join the author, Tony Martello on mini reading adventures that can be read in under 5 minutes. Explore interesting humans, wild nature, and all the interactions between. He is a Californian and  [+]

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Felix Culpa

Felix Culpa is passionate about fantasy literature and philosophy. He has written several collections of short stories around these themes. He also loves music and started writing songs very early on  [+]