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Mark Budman

Mark Budman is a first generation immigrant to the US. He publishes Vestal Review magazine. His novel My Life at First Try was published by Counterpoint Press. Find out more at

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Andrew Stancek

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Irene Yawazee

Irene is an innovator, mentoring teenagers on innovation while writing on Medium and initiating writing projects.
Irene is married with five children.
She recently came back to Nairobi after living ...  [+]

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Mark Gottlieb

Writing is my passion and women are my obsession. But my strength... is my discretion.  [+]

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Ramesh Avadhani

Based in Bengaluru, India, I have a background in journalism and marketing. My fiction and non-fiction, over 70 pieces, have been published in paying periodicals and specialist journals in India, ...  [+]

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Eissel Pud

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Edith Gallagher Boyd

Edith Gallagher Boyd is a graduate of Temple University, a former French teacher, and an avid sports fan. She and her family live in Jupiter, Florida  [+]

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I am a writer since I was a child, but I did not know... Now I am aware of what I am and I like it immensly. Since I am also an actress, when I write I like to see my story, like a movie, in my mind. ...  [+]

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Gillian Rolfe

Gillian Rolfe lives in Whitstable in Kent. She has worked in libraries and is an Open
University Student. Her studies have reignited a love of writing.  [+]