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Ulrica Hume

Ulrica Hume is the author of An Uncertain Age, a spiritual mystery novel, and House of Miracles, a collection of socially relevant tales, one of which was selected by PEN and broadcast on NPR. She has written for SFGate, Poets & Writers, The Bloomsbury Review, HuffPost, and other places. Her flash pieces appear online and in anthologies. She tweets @uhume.

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Jann Everard

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If imaginations were dreams on feathers,
I would soar.
I look beyond facades for stories to tell
that will live for ever more.
As long as there is ink in my well and spirit in my body
my quill ...  [+]

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Michael Round

Retired soldier, teacher, principal. Published several novels, several short stories, many articles, chair of two writing groups currently, married, numerous kids taken from the streets and helped to ...  [+]

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Edith Gallagher Boyd

Edith Gallagher Boyd is a graduate of Temple University, a former French teacher, and an avid sports fan. She and her family live in Jupiter, Florida  [+]

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Susan O'Neal

Susan O’Neal is a student at the UK Open University, where she is studying Creative Writing. She has lived in Croydon for most of her adult life. Now an early retiree, she has taken up writing and ...  [+]