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Susan Lendroth

Susan is a picture book author, her subjects ranging from history to science to an energetic little girl in Japan named "Natsumi!" A longtime supporter of space exploration, she's thrilled that her book "Hey Ho, to Mars We'll Go!" was read by an astronaut on the International Space Station for Story Time from Space.

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Sarah Beaudette

Sarah is a nomad currently living in Mexico. Her short fiction is published and forthcoming in places like Flash Fiction Online, The Arcanist, and She spends most of her time deciphering  [+]

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Gracelyn Tesch

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Sophie Keefe

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Lucie de Jong

Lucie de Jong, writer for short stories, poems and screenwriter from Germany  [+]

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Prithvijeet Sinha

An erudite and ever eager reader and writer, yours truly practices both everyday and has been lucky to publish his works in a variety of journals, magazines and forums, including his permanent  [+]

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Marilyn Anne Campbell

Marilyn lives in Canada with her partner and their two wobbly cats. When she isn't writing stage plays, stories, or poems, she likes to spend her free time tramping around outside looking fo  [+]

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Sheila Ash

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Mattie Darling

I do stuff. Like write hella poems and short stories. And laugh. And...other stuff.
-Reynolds  [+]

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Angela Teagardner

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Mary Finnegan

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Carolyn Leiloglou

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Barbara Thiemeyer

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Nancy Coulter

Nancy Coulter is 57 years old and lives in Calgary, Alberta. Her second great ambition is to be a trapeze artist. Her first is to be a write  [+]

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Marc OBrien

For more than half a century Las Vegas based author Marc O'Brien has faced a crisis situation due to being born disabled. Recently he has been able to use fiction to develop interpretive authored  [+]

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Kristy Roser Nuttall

Kristy can be found storytelling and sharing poetry at the Tree Art Gallery in Orem, Utah or exploring the outdoors with her four sons, Isaac, Levi, Ty, and Xande  [+]

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Erin S.

Erin is sixteen years old and has been homeschooled her whole life. Her Maine Coon cat and POA\Welsh Cross pony inspire most of her stories and poetry. When she is not writing, Erin is dancing  [+]

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Ann Garrett

Ann Garrett was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up playing in the gully behind her family’s house, hiking in the Rockies, riding horses, raising animals and skiing. At the age of fourteen she  [+]

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Jill Nogales

Ever since Jill Nogales was a little girl, all she ever wanted to do was to play house and write stories. So now that she’s all grown up, that's what she does. Her stories have been published in a  [+]

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Susan O'Neal

Susan O’Neal is a student at the UK Open University, where she is studying Creative Writing. She has lived in Croydon for most of her adult life. Now an early retiree, she has taken up writing and  [+]

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Tony Martello

Join the author, Tony Martello on mini reading adventures that can be read in under 5 minutes. Explore interesting humans, wild nature, and all the interactions between. He is a Californian and  [+]

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Michaël Artvic

I am in a deep quest for romance. I always thought that words could be a dance to thrill the souls of poetry readers.  [+]