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Brian Monday is the author of the story collection The Klein-Bottle Boy and His Ontological Dilemma, as well as two collections of poetry--A Little Breath and A Locker of Limericks  [+]

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Jon Robson

Jon Robson in a British immigrant with a Singaporean family living in San Francisco. He loves to read and write short stories and celebrate all the things that make us unique. Life is an anthology  [+]

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A combination of realism and fiction, truth and lies, awareness and dream, poetry and short story, words and punctuation, reading and writing.

*All my works are protected by copyright  [+]

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Don't hesitate to comment, criticize and give your opinion.
On my side, writing is a hobby, a job, a passion, at the same time...
My four novels are now online and I occasionally publish  [+]