About Short Édition

Short literature and us

Short Édition is the community publisher for short literature. Short Édition puts online, circulates and publishes everything you can read in less than 5 minutes. So that you can read short literature whenever and wherever you like. To overcome those little moments of boredom or enforced waiting in your daily life - at work, on the bus or in the train, in the doctor’s waiting room, or in the peace and quiet of your own home...

The contemporary works online have been written and chosen by our community of French readers and authors on our French site : www.short-edition.com And very soon we will be enabling all the English-speaking authors out there to offer their works to be featured on Short Édition!

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"We love sharing short stories"

The Short Story Dispenser

Short Édition also designed the Short Story Dispenser: a machine connected to our platform which prints, onto high-quality paper, stories of 1, 3 or 5 minutes’ duration.

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The team

Short Édition is a French start-up created in 2011. There are now 20 of us, based in Grenoble (in the French Alps) and in Paris. And to best promote short literature and new talent, we decided to bring together every generation and every skill: editors, web developers, analysts, people in charge of manufacturing, etc.

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