Short Story Dispenser

Distributing more and more stories

The Short Story Dispenser was dreamed up and created by Short Edition. It has no screen and offers, in a random fashion and on good-quality paper, short stories to be read there and then - in 1, 3 or 5 minutes. These short stories are written by the authors of the Short Edition community. Our ambition is to see these Dispensers springing up all over the place to encourage reading - and writing - and to showcase our authors.

The Short Story Dispenser

The 1st Dispenser in USA
at Francis Ford Coppola's own restaurant

Francis Ford Coppola, a great fan of short literature, launched a magazine devoted to the short story, Zoetrope: All-Story, in 1997... and he loved this innovation from Short Edition. The first Short Story Dispenser in America has been installed in the Cafe Zoetrope - Francis Ford Coppola’s own restaurant - in San Francisco!
New Dispensers are now installed in Pennsylvania and Massachussets. And, more are coming... !