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There are times in your life when everything seems complicated and a total grind. Times that get a bit blurry, when you can’t keep a handle on things, when everything all goes pear-shaped or ... [+]

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The man in a white coat is looking closely at the low-res images on a screen, that is neither huge nor flat. In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, our man of science is tapping away on ... [+]

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Eyes gluey, brain clogged up. As usual I get into the lift with my head down, on auto-pilot. But today is different because her scent is in here. And she’s here too. In a moment of panic I turn ... [+]

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Speed dating

Abelys, ago

Yes, sorry… I’m just punching my ticket – there are inspectors around.
I’m fine… You OK?
Can you hear me?
Yeh, cos I was just going to tell you how it went last night.
Three,... [+]

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Abelys, ago

Mmh... the smell of a wood fire, nice meat ready for the grill, marinaded in virgin oil with herbes de provence. Prime rib? Of course! Hang on, are people coming for lunch? Didn’t know it was ... [+]

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Doum, ago

Judith! I went past you during class. Your head bent down over the desk, your slender neck and the tendrils of hair escaping from your ponytail.
Judith! I am totally in love.
Your knees are ... [+]

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I remember those little country roads, those paths where progress is slow, as it is from childhood to adulthood. The mineral smell of the dry stone of the little moss-covered walls, snaking beyond... [+]