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There are times in your life when everything seems complicated and a total grind. Times that get a bit blurry, when you can’t keep a handle on things, when everything all goes pear-shaped or ... [+]

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I can see myself going into my shower, quite happily, whistling. I can also remember that irresistible urge to smoke. The one that comes upon you anywhere, at any time. And you have to obey ... [+]

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I have been clean for approximately 24 days, 10 hours and 37 minutes. I am trying to stick to the straight and narrow. With my head down, my face slightly illuminated, and my phone in my hand.
... [+]

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Clammy hands. A nasty taste in my mouth. Feel sick. Head spinning. And the more I think about it, the more it spins. I suddenly feel much worse. I wanted to be first. It’s obvious I should be. ... [+]

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The man in a white coat is looking closely at the low-res images on a screen, that is neither huge nor flat. In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, our man of science is tapping away on ... [+]

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Eyes gluey, brain clogged up. As usual I get into the lift with my head down, on auto-pilot. But today is different because her scent is in here. And she’s here too. In a moment of panic I turn ... [+]

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I will no longer see life as I did before. All these images continually passing before my eyes. We are the spectators of a film in which we all play the starring role. We know this perfectly well,... [+]

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