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My name is Noucha, I’m eleven years old and my favourite superhero is me!

Everything in my life is magical, epic and fantastic. I live in the most beautiful house in my area even though... [+]

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Today, for my twelfth birthday, Mum gave me a pair of binoculars to watch the birds with and a leatherette notebook with a chain. Notebooks with chains on are for girls and I didn’t even know ... [+]

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In the Riga crowds, the wide eyes of a little girl fixed on my own. I went up to her, exhausted, and sat on the bench that backed onto hers. The music was deafening, it was starting to rain. All ... [+]

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Outside, the night is already licking at the sloping roofs of the houses. Inside, the blue birds are criss-crossing in exuberant and familiar arabesques on the yellowing wallpaper.
By the ... [+]

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It was still dark. We had said to each other that at six o’clock in the morning, the supervisors would still be asleep. We just had to go round by the kitchens to get to the little window at the... [+]

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