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Speed dating

Abelys, ago

Yes, sorry… I’m just punching my ticket – there are inspectors around.
I’m fine… You OK?
Can you hear me?
Yeh, cos I was just going to tell you how it went last night.
Three,... [+]

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“If you kiss the frog today, 14 February, at 7 pm precisely, someone will ring your doorbell. It will be your Prince Charming.”

When she opened the little parcel a few minutes ago, ... [+]

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He walked along under a harsh sun that crushed him with its powerful fist. From time to time, a strong burning gust made him stagger. Far off, little clouds followed each other in close single ... [+]

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Elena Lmr


Elena Lmr, ago

After the summer of the piano on the cliff, after meeting Lena and the others, Marius had never really come back to us. In the following years, my brother removed himself, his face turned towards ... [+]

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“Maroussia, don’t go too far from the house!”
The little girl shrugged. The old lady was calling to her from the cottage steps, waving her stick like when she rounded up the goats at ... [+]

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Granny Vitamin, everybody knew her at the Gare du Nord. You couldn’t miss her. She looked amazing. Dresses with bright coloured flowers or patterns in the summer, coats and colourful boots in ... [+]

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“Daddy, when they get old, where is it the animals in the circus go to retire?”
That was it, no doubt about it: the question of the day. 
Since Jules had discovered he could ask them ... [+]

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Just a List

Mone, ago

In the drawer of the table, there was a piece of paper that they had both drawn up together. A list. The list of what they would have to do when the time came. They had written it together, when ... [+]

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As usual, a leek decided to escape. I just caught it as it was about to slide out of my basket and land on the tarmac. What with the stifling heat, the effort took it out of me and I had to sit ... [+]

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There is no such thing as a perfect crime! Because they think a perfect crime is a crime without any clues. There’s no beauty in that! It’s not up to the police to define what makes a perfect ... [+]

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The Bag

DFM, ago

She was walking calmly along, glancing abstractedly at the shop windows. There were few people on the pavements. Her bag was over her shoulder, her hands in her jacket pockets.
They could not ... [+]

Muriel Meunier


Muriel Meunier, ago

The wind was blowing in gusts, buffeting the car, which swerved dangerously towards the precipice. Down below, the waves broke with deafening noise on the rocks. It was magnificent but terrifying.... [+]

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The atmosphere was relaxed. Although they did not speak, they did communicate. The noise of cutlery on earthenware plates told of the pleasure they were experiencing. Their smiles and their ... [+]

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For as far back as she could remember, Marguerite had always liked taking baths that were too hot in huge enamelled cast iron bath tubs.
Schoolteacher Georges Senlis, her husband, sometimes ... [+]

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Dany Mangion


Dany Mangion, ago

The Japanese straw was black with nicotine right up to the ceiling mouldings. It was so worn in places that it revealed the former pattern, previously covered up. The building dated from 1902. ... [+]

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All libraries should have these luminous corners. That space near the blinds, behind the section reserved for the Quattrocento; or that little-frequented mezzanine, obstructed by boxes and ... [+]

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The sea, the sea and its gentle waves dying and being reborn in an eternal renewal. The blue, salty sea, a bitter and precious friend; and the sand, the golden sand, its grains studding the beach ... [+]


The Hunt

Alone, ago

People usually think it is men, hard men, the sort who are in the nick at the age of sixteen and get out at thirty, who do this kind of thing.
Well, I am a girl, I have been fifteen for ... [+]