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There are times in your life when everything seems complicated and a total grind. Times that get a bit blurry, when you can’t keep a handle on things, when everything all goes pear-shaped or ... [+]

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The man in a white coat is looking closely at the low-res images on a screen, that is neither huge nor flat. In today’s world of smartphones and tablets, our man of science is tapping away on ... [+]

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Abelys, ago

Mmh... the smell of a wood fire, nice meat ready for the grill, marinaded in virgin oil with herbes de provence. Prime rib? Of course! Hang on, are people coming for lunch? Didn’t know it was ... [+]

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The convertible sped down the motorway. The traffic was flowing at last. They would be there in thirty minutes. Three weeks as a family watching Juliette getting tanned and the children splashing ... [+]

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I remember those little country roads, those paths where progress is slow, as it is from childhood to adulthood. The mineral smell of the dry stone of the little moss-covered walls, snaking beyond... [+]

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Amelie looked at herself in the mirror for the fifteenth time. It was no good. She didn’t look right. She hastily pulled off the tee-shirt that made her look like a badly-stuffed sausage and ... [+]

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“The main thing in life is the people you meet on the way.” The voice of the presenter was declaiming this maxim on the radio when, that morning, a pretty little brunette with a generous ... [+]

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“Will you calm down, back there?”
The three kids instantly sat still.
“Do you think driving is easy? I need to get my bearings! Keep quiet!”
The oldest shuffled on his seat, ... [+]

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The first day, Achille wrote his love on blue paper which he folded over and over with care. A beautiful aeroplane with a pointed nose like the ones that sometimes made coloured patterns in the ... [+]

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Edouard Bonnet


Edouard Bonnet, ago

It was an easy day as only afternoons in June could be, the world basking in clear, gentle sunlight, summer arriving softly, lazily, the days already more energetic with their new-found ... [+]

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As I go down the alleyway that looks onto their home, I catch sight of the two old people with their backs to me. They are sitting shrivelled before a fire which warms the only room on the ground ... [+]

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I saw you this morning, from the back, with your light stripy jumper and your over-sized jeans, your willowy walk and your white headphones. Your artfully ruffled black hair. I imagined your face,... [+]

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Virginie Ronteix


Virginie Ronteix, ago

Since September, every 07.23 has been the same. First, the dull sound of an engine, then the headlights piercing the dark. The bus slows, then stops. The doors open in front of ... [+]

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Sylvie Loy

The Wait

Sylvie Loy, ago

I was young. Between a child and an adolescent. The innocence of my feelings was fighting with romantic ambition. I was in love with her. She knew it and played on it. Inevitably. Long, languorous... [+]

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Party time

Abelys, ago

“Honey flavoured?”

You’ve got eyes the colour of honey. Your hair is honey coloured. Not blonde, not red, nor chestnut but honey!
Your pale face has a scattering of freckles that ... [+]

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Michel Dréan


Michel Dréan, ago

At seven o’clock in the evening, George pressed the button.
There was an explosion of light and colour.

In the street, those in the know were already applauding. He went out to ... [+]